COVID-19 Mitigation Plans for Business: HOW TO!

Muskogee City Council and Muskogee County Commission amended (on April 6, 2020) the Muskogee City-County Joint Resolution (Resolution 2803). 
• Amended Muskogee City-County Joint Resolution requires businesses within city limits to submit COVID-19 mitigation plan and terms of enforcement to the city by April 10, 2020; those businesses outside of city limits must submit their plans to the county by April 10, 2020. 
READ THE FULL 2nd Amended Muskogee City-County JOINT RESOLUTION 2803 HERE. 

• If your business needs assistance in creating a COVID-19 mitigation plan, we have developed a questionaire that will guide you through that process. DOWNLOAD THE QUESTIONNAIRE HERE. 
Once your mitigation plan is completed:
If your business is within Muskogee city limits email to:
If your business is outside of Muskogee city limits and located in Muskogee County email to: 

mitigation plans


Q1. What information should my COVID-19 mitigation plan contain?
Your mitigation plan should address the following:

  1. implementing and enforcing Social Distancing of employees, and customers, including measures to prevent gatherings of more than 10 people;
  2. providing reasonable disinfecting methods, such as availability of hand sanitizer or soap and water;
  3. providing clear and conspicuous signage to alert customers and employees of said mitigation strategies;
  4. permitting employees to work from home; and,
  5. complying with all other advice from the State Department of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization.

Q2. You reference complying with other advice from the Health Department and the CDC, is there somewhere I can find that information? 
Yes. The State Health Department has a great resources page which can accessed from the following URL:

Additionally, the CDC has a very comprehensive list of guidance documents which are specific to categories of businesses. It can be reached from the following URL: Links to these resources is available directly from the City of Muskogee website at

Q3. The Resolution states that my plan should permit employees to work from home, but that is not feasible due to the nature of my business.
Permitting employees to work from home is not a requirement; however, CDC guidelines recommend that where employers are able to have employees work from home, they should allow it. The rationale behind the recommendation is reducing in-person contact. If the nature of your business will not permit employees to work from home, simply address that in your plan.

Q4. Where can I see the Joint Resolution?
READ THE FULL 2nd Amended Muskogee City-County JOINT RESOLUTION 2803 HERE. 

Q5. As a small business, I don’t have a mitigation plan or the resources or the time to prepare one. What do I do?
Exhibit A to the Resolution contains a Business Questionnaire. This questionnaire was developed to help smaller businesses become compliant. Affirmative answers to the questions, and detailed explanations in the blanks provided will form the basis of a mitigation plan. If you complete and submit that plan, you will be in compliance.

Q6. Where do I send a copy of my mitigation plan, or the completed Business Questionnaire if I don’t have a mitigation plan?
If your business is located in the City, email to: If your business is located in the County, email to:

Q7. What is the deadline for submitting my mitigation plan or Business Questionnaire?
April 10, 2020.

 Q8. What if I’m not sure what I’m providing is sufficient?
All mitigation plans submitted will be reviewed. If there are any deficiencies, or suggestions that we have, we will reach out to you and work with you on modifying your plan.

Q9. I don’t have a way to email my plan, can I fax it?
If your business is located in the City, you may fax your plan to 918-684-6277. If your business is located in the County, you may fax your plan to 918-684-1697.

Q10. How will I know if my mitigation plan/business questionnaire was received by the City?
Yes, as soon as we receive your plan, you will receive an email indicating that it was received. After we review it fully, we may reach out to you at a later date. You are advised to check your spam filter as well if you have not heard from us.

 Q11. My business was deemed non-essential and is currently closed, do I need to submit anything? 
We do request you submit an email to (for businesses located in the City) or (for business located in the County) indicating that your business is temporary closed as a non-essential business. No other attachment is necessary at this time. However, Governor Stitt’s Executive Order closing non-essential businesses will expire on April 30, 2020. Once your non-essential business is permitted to re-open, you are required to submit your mitigation plan or completed business questionnaire prior to reopening.