City Manager

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Mr. Mike Miller, City Manager

Mr. Mike Miller is the City Manager for the City of Muskogee.  Mr. Miller directly reports to the Mayor and City Council regarding the administration of all affairs directed by the City charter. Some of Mr. Miller's duties are as follows:
* Responsible for all city employees
* Directs and supervises the administration of all City departments
* Ensures that all laws and Charter provisions are executed
* Budgets and other financial administrative reporting

Mr. Mike Stewart, Assistant City Manager 
Mike Stewart is the Assistant City Manager of Muskogee. Mr. Stewart is currently responsible for the HR, IT, Purchasing, Cemetery, Finance and Fleet departments.  Some of Mr. Stewart's duties are as follows:
* Assists the City Manager in the administration and coordination of municipal business
* Assist in the formulation of policies
* Serves as acting City Manager in the absence of the City Manager

The job duties of Mr. Miller and Mr. Stewart are not all inclusive. There are many items handled in the day to day operations of the City of Muskogee.