Storm Water Management

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The City of Muskogee is required by Federal and State regulations to implement a Stormwater Management Program. This program is permitted through the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality's (ODEQ) General Permit OKR04 for phase II Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Discharges within the State of Oklahoma.  The City of Muskogee begin implementing this program on  April 1, 2005. This permit has since been updated in 2016 for another 5 year cycle.

Muskogee along with other local cities in the state and nation have established these programs to help preserve a safe and healthy environment for current and future generations. Our program includes education and best management practices to reduce pollution into our City's Storm Sewer System. The storm sewer system is a connection of  culverts, ditches, storm drain inlets, pipes, and natural conveyances through which rainwater collects and flows to local waterways. This rainwater can pick up pollutants and is not treated before it enters local waterways.

 A Stormwater Utility fee was created in 2005 to help pay the expenses involved in managing this program. The fee is $2.53 per month for City of Muskogee residents and per equivalent surface unit or ESU for commercial properties within or discharging to  city limits. An ESU is equal to 2560 square feet of impervious surface a property has. Impervious surfaces include roofs, driveways, and sidewalks.  Included in this section of the City’s web site are links to information which explains the Stormwater management program and the fees. 

Grass and Leaf Sweeping Info
Program for the reduction of non-point source pollution.
Storm Water Maintenance
Storm Water Fees