Consulting Engineers to Perform Evaluation of the City Sanitary Sewer System

The City of Muskogee has contracted with Holloway Updike & Bellen, Inc. and Tetra Tech Inc., Consulting Engineers to perform an evaluation of the sanitary sewer system in certain areas within the City.  The evaluation is performed to identify inflow and infiltration (I/I) or other sanitary sewer collection system conditions which contribute to heavy wet weather flows and/or collection system overflows. The project involves smoke testing of approximately 142,000 feet of sewer line. Additionally, internal television inspections will be conducted in areas where severe problems are observed.

The smoke test evaluation project will begin on or around July 17 and is expected to be completed by August 11.  The goal of the project is to reduce the amount of rainwater that penetrates the sanitary sewer system during wet weather, causing sewage to overload the system during rain storms.

Tetra Tech crews will be working in predefined drainage basins, starting just North of the Castle.  They will then travel South to Shawnee and East to 24th Street.  Crews will enter backyards where the majority of manholes are located; lifting manhole lids to perform smoke testing procedures.

Prior to smoke testing, Tetra Tech will distribute fliers and door hangers in the areas to be smoke tested, advising citizens on what to expect.

During smoke testing activities, crews will introduce non-toxic smoke through manholes into the sewer system under moderate pressure using smoke blowers. The area is then observed for smoke emitting from defective areas. Crews will travel quickly through backyards watching for defects to show up and will be marking the area with flags, taking photos and measurements to record the defects on field forms. Tetra Tech crews are uniformed carry ID cards and all Tetra Tech vehicles have company logos on them.

For more information about the smoke testing of sewer lines within City limits, please contact Bryan Ballard, Tetra Tech Representative, at 918-249-3909 or 918-645-1748.