MPD Implements digiTICKET

The Muskogee Police Department has recently implemented digiTICKET electronic citation devices to our patrol officers to use when issuing traffic citations. As a result our department has received numerous questions about the devices and why officers are taking pictures of  drivers during our interactions with them. digiTICKET allows officers to scan information directly from a violator’s driver’s license, improving accuracy and efficiency. Once data is entered in the system, it is automatically available for police records and court software. Having this information accessible streamlines the citation workflow and makes it simpler to compile violation statistics for later use. The digiTICKET deployment consists of 11 handheld units and portable printers, so officers can print accurate tickets immediately during traffic stops. The digiTICKET has the ability to capture a picture of the driver during the interaction with the officer and our officers are required to take that picture. The picture electronically attaches to the citation. This allows the court to properly charge the correct person that was issued the citation and ensure that someone’s identity is not being misused.