REVISED & ADOPTED Muskogee City-County Joint Resolution No. 2803

Tonight at the meeting of the Muskogee City Council, the council adopted an amendment to the joint Muskogee City-County Resolution No. 2803.

The amendment includes the following additional guidance for Muskogee City and County residents: 


Based upon the findings of the CDC and the Muskogee City-County Health Department, the use of face coverings measurably reduce the spread of COVID-19 from those who are infected. This is particularly important since many of those infected show none of the symptoms commonly associated with the disease, yet remain contagious. Due to the responsible mitigation efforts of our businesses and the diligence of our citizens, Muskogee County remains in the “low-risk” infection category according to data of the State Health Department. Notwithstanding, the City and County find that additional efforts are necessary to decrease the upward trend of  infection rates within the “low risk” category. Therefore, the following guidance shall remain in effect during the pendency of Phase 3 of the Governor’s OURS (Open Up & Recover Safely) Plan.

            1.  All citizens are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings, in accordance with CDC guidelines, when out in public or entering a place where there are, or are expected to be, individuals outside their family unit or household.

            2.  Businesses are encouraged, if they so choose, to implement and enforce their own rules, regulations or policies with respect to mandating face coverings for employees, customers, or patrons.

            3.  The City and County, through the City-County Joint Task Force, shall continue to monitor infection, mortality, and hospitalization trends and will make necessary modifications to this Resolution as may be necessary.

            4.  The City Manager of the City is hereby authorized and directed to utilize emergency funding of up to $200,000 for purchase of face-coverings for any citizen within the City who requests one. To the extent necessary to comply with this mandate, the City’s Purchasing Policy shall be suspended.

You can read the 3rd Amended Muskogee City-County Joint Resolution No. 2803 in its entirety here.