Winter Weather and Safety: Updates

Snow is expected to start falling overnight. Street crews are starting 12-hour shifts beginning at midnight tonight to prep roads and deal with snow as it falls.

Keep in mind there could be whiteout conditions during heavy snowfall due to high winds so we are asking everyone to stay home. Remember that we are set up to try to keep our main arterial streets clear for police, fire, and EMS, with special attention to bridges and overpasses. We then move to our collector/secondary streets as we can.

We will not be plowing most residential streets. If you’ve watched the news you know Tulsa had a lot of large water line breaks due to the cold and we have had a few as well.

Your crews fixed three major water leaks today and are prepared to deal with others when the sun comes up. Police, Fire, and EMS have planned response strategies for this storm and we can help them not be overrun if we keep off the roads during the storm.