City Street Maintenance is Scheduled to Begin Tomorrow

City of Muskogee has contracted with Vance Brothers Inc. to begin micro surfacing in Area 4, northeast quadrant of the city.

Several years ago City Council appointed a Street Improvement Advisory Committee consisting of five members of whom all have lived in Muskogee for at least one year.  The purpose of this committee is to provide input and advice to the City Council, Mayor and City staff relating to streets.   

A preventative maintenance plan to address the current and future condition of city streets was put in place based on the Pavement Condition Index or PCI the city received several years ago. The pavement of all street segments is rated every 2-3 years and given a rating between 0 (worst condition) and 100 (recently paved). PCI is determined by a manual inspection process, done on site by professional pavement inspectors. Inspectors scored every section of roadway in the city by conducting a detailed examination of pavement features such as cracking and potholes.

City of Muskogee Public Works Department maintains more than 320 miles of streets.  Surfaces range from concrete to gravel, and also include asphalt overlay and asphalt over sub-base with concrete curb & gutter.  

An inventory of the city streets and their condition is maintained.  The inventory allows the city to track work performed and plan for needed projects based on condition, traffic loads, work order history and other factors. 

The street inventory coupled with a comprehensive preventive maintenance program allows the city to preserve its street network.  A number of programs fall under the umbrella of preventative maintenance. Surface treatments help prolong the life of the street, reduce major repairs in the future, create safe streets, and minimize the inconvenience to drivers. Micro surfacing is performed on streets that are between the reconstruction and rehabilitation cycles.  While pothole patching is ongoing, the other programs are dependent on budgetary constraints and vary from year to year. 

Micro surfacing is scheduled for the northeast quadrant of the city beginning with Greenhill Cemetery, Wednesday, May 17, 2016.  The contractor is tasked with notifying residents in Area 4.  Weather permitting, the micro surfacing in Area 4 should be completed in less than two weeks.  For a complete list of streets that will be impacted in this area, please see below. 

For more information about the City of Muskogee Preventative Street Maintenance Plan, contact the Public Works Office at 918-684-6333. 


Micro Surfacing Area 4


North Street ( N. York to N. Country Club)

Haskell Blvd   ( N. York and Eastside)

Callahan (Eastside Blvd to York)

East Shawnee Access Road (York & Country Club)

Robin Lane (Harris to Hyde Park)

University (Robin Lane & N Country Club)

Porter (Robin Lane & N Country Club)

Severs  (Robin Lane & N Country Club)

N Country Club (Shawnee & Harris)

Greenhill Cemetery

North Street (N York to N Country Club)