Letter from Mayor Coburn

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Mayor Coburn Photo
Bob Coburn

It is with honor and great pleasure that I welcome you to Muskogee. Our city is filled with citizens who hold a deep love for this community and I thank them wholeheartedly for electing me as their Mayor. It is my mission to act with integrity, compassion, and a deep sense of pride in our community as I face the challenges ahead of me. Muskogee is a growing community with a future that continues to burn brightly and I look forward to the accomplishments we can achieve

Muskogee has the extremely good fortune to be in close proximity to the three forks of the Arkansas, Verdigris, and Grand Rivers. As such, we have the privilege of boasting an international
waterway that further cements our future as an industrial hub. We also have a thriving health care system and three booming universities. There is nowhere to go but up! It is my deepest hope that our citizens will take advantage of what Muskogee has to offer and share their sense of pride in their community. A positive attitude is contagious and we want both citizens and visitors alike to feel the optimism and hospitality of one of the friendliest cities in Oklahoma. 

My door is open to the citizens of Muskogee. Please feel free to share your thoughts, your goals and your concerns with me and the rest of your public servants in City Hall. Together, we have accomplished great things and we will continue on this path of success. By honoring past traditions and forging new ones, we will show Muskogee’s true potential to those around us. The future is now and I hope you will join me on this journey. 

Bob Coburn