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Work in Muskogee
Muskogee is the perfect city in which to live, work and raise a family.
As the  regional trade and service center, Muskogee has experienced long-term stability as a manufacturing community, united with a surge in retail growth.  Muskogee is the  third-largest manufacturing community in Oklahoma.  Items manufactured here  include machinery, rubber items, food products, and consumer goods.  The city is  also an important transportation, trade and industrial center in the agricultural  Arkansas valley.  

Muskogee has tremendous transportation advantages.   Muskogee being river country  gives the city a better gain over other cities.  The port of Muskogee is located  within the city limits and provides several services to the labor force.   The  Davis Field Airport and Hatbox Airport are both located within the city limits.   The Tulsa International Airport is only 47 miles away.  The incredible railroad  services offered by the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern improve Muskogee.