City Departments

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The City of Muskogee’s employees are totally dedicated to providing quality customer service to all members of our community. Our Vision is that of a vibrant City, where people are excited about living.

A City dedicated to its citizens to ensure

  • A safe and secure community.
  • A dynamic and efficient organization.
  • A clean environment.
  • Innovative regional leadership, and
  • A proactive approach to all issues.

We intend to provide the highest quality service to all City residents and to all who interact with municipal government. In all activities, especially the budget, City employees strive to achieve total customer understanding and satisfaction. We maintain the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and trust; and thereby earn the confidence and respect of the community.

We share the fundamental belief that the quality of our performance as an organization is directly related to how well we inspire and support each other as colleagues and team members. We are consequently committed to being role models to create a quality work environment which:

  • Values accountability,
  • Rewards individual performance and organizational productivity,
  • Fosters teamwork,
  • Maximizes the development of personal performance,
  • Stimulates empowerment and openness, and
  • Encourages quality and excellence.

The City of Muskogee serves the needs of the community in the following areas:

  • Efficient Refuse Collection
  • Zoning Code Enforcement
  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Park/Recreation Services
  • Building Inspection
  • Full Service Police & Fire Protection
  • Drainage/Catch Basin Maintenance
  • Street Maintenance/Resurfacing
  • Downtown Programs: including the Farmer's Market, movies, festivals, etc.