2019 Street Maintenance and Rehabilitation Project

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Road Repairs, Northeast Zone Phase 1

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Project Status NE Zone Phase 1
Street Name  Begin End Status / Tentative Start
41st Street Old Shawnee Chandler Upcoming
45th Street Gallery Asphalt End Upcoming
Country Club Chandler North Upcoming
Fredonia “M” Street Dead End Upcoming
Harris Rd York Turnpike Upcoming
“B” Street MLK Lawrence Complete
“C” Street Lawrence Dead End Complete
“E” Street  Elmira Fredonia Complete
“F” Street  Broadway Dead End Complete
“G” Street Okmulgee Houston Complete
“H” Street  Houston Gibson Complete
“J” Street Dayton Fredonia Complete
“J” Street Irving Gibson Complete
“K” Street  Okmulgee Gibson Complete
“N” Street Okmulgee Callahan Complete
“N” Street Houston Fredonia Complete
“P” Street Dayton Fredonia Complete
Anthony Dayton Branson Pl. Complete
Ash Cromwell Enid Complete
Branson Park Haskell Irving Complete
Callahan “F” Street Eastside Blvd Complete
Cherokee MLK Dead End Complete
Cherry Gibson North Complete
Cherry North Enid Complete
Chestnut Eufaula Enid Complete
Chestnut  Houston North Complete
Dayton “C” Street Eastside Blvd Complete
Dayton Cherokee “C” Street Complete
Edmond Elmira Fredonia Complete
Elliot Virginia York Complete
Elmira Edmond Anthony Complete
Elmira “P” Street “S” Street Complete
Enid Beacon Live Oak Complete
Fredonia “K” Street “L” Street Complete
Fredonia “P” Street Chestnut Complete
Galveston “L” Street “N” Street Complete
Girard Main St. Mill Complete
Haskell Blvd. Chestnut “N” Street Complete
Houston “C” Street Cherokee Complete
Iola Main St Mill Complete
Irving “K” Street Dead End Complete
Irving Virginia York Complete
Irving Summit “L” Street Complete
Irving  “H” Street Eastside Blvd Complete
Jefferson “L” St Summit Complete
Jefferson “C” St Cherokee Complete
Jennifer Eufaula Dead End Complete
Joplin Main St Mill Complete
Kankakee “F” Street N “C” Street Complete
Kinsley Main St Mill Complete
Live Oak Eufaula Ridge Complete
Locust Gibson North Complete
Locust Cromwell Dead End Complete
Mill MLK Kadd Complete
North Eastside Blvd Summit Complete
Ridge Old Muskogee Live Oak Complete
Summit Enid Eufaula Complete
Summit Houston “M” Street Complete
Utah Gibson Haskell Complete
Virginia  Houston Gibson Complete
Walnut Eufaula Dead End Complete
Ward York Dead End Complete

NE Zone Micro Surfacing Phase 2