Environmental Control

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GrassThe Environmental Control Division is responsible for the mowing of all Right of Ways, Medians, Triangles and City owned lots within the city limits of Muskogee. This service is performed throughout the growing season. 

The Environmental Control Division removes grass and vegetation from curbs and sidewalks in the Central Business District and on major streets. The department also cleans up City lots, ditches, creeks and illegal dumpsites within the City limits of Muskogee. Weed control is accomplished with the use of chemicals and this is done only in specific areas with weather permitting. This department also sprays for mosquito’s during the spring and summer months. 

The two mosquito seasons are as follows:
  1. Starts late April till mid July
  2. Mid September to the end of November
The Environmental Control Division removes and disposes of limbs & brush that are in the street obstructing traffic, obscuring traffic signs or creating sight hazards. After a storm the limbs that have been broken or blown down from trees and are in the streets are picked up and disposed of by this division. 

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