Sanitation Department

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Welcome to Solid Waste Department

There are 18 employees assigned to the City of Muskogee Solid Waste Department.  The Solid Waste Department provides collection, removal and disposal of solid Waste for the citizens of Muskogee.  The automated collection of household solid waste is done in five areas of Muskogee, based upon the collection day. There are around 13,000 customers on the residential routes.

The City of Muskogee is 95% fully automated with side load trucks which only require one driver to collect each poly cart at the residential housing.  The Solid Waste Department has two Commercial Rear Loader trucks that run daily for our Commercial Businesses. We also have one Rear Loader Truck that picks up bags, and disable carts.

Guidelines for Poly Cart Customers

Please follow these instructions carefully:

  • All carts to be emptied shall be placed within two feet of the curb or curb-line.
  • Carts shall be placed on a level surface, with the lid opening facing the street.
  • Carts shall not be placed in a driveway.
  • Carts are not to be obstructed from the sanitation collectors’ view (i.e., behind parked cars, behind hedges, etc.) when observed from the street.
  • Carts must be placed a minimum of six (6) feet away from any parked cars, and cannot be placed within two feet of mailbox or any other obstruction.
  • If the resident has two carts there must be a two foot separation between the carts. The cart shall be placed for collection no earlier than 7:00 p.m. the day before collection and no later than 7:00 a.m. the day of collection.
  • The cart shall be returned to its storage place by 7:00 a.m. the day after collection.
  • The cart shall not be filled to a level which obstructs the unaided complete closure of the cart lid.
  • No bags or other materials may be placed on the cart lid to keep it shut.
  • The cart, when full, may not exceed 200 pounds
  • Do NOT keep lid closed with bungee cords, or any other cords or strings.
  • Do NOT place any bags on top of cart.