Purchasing Department

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The Purchasing Department provides the most cost effective method of procuring materials, products and services for the City of Muskogee while adhering to State laws, local ordinances, and administrative policies and procedures, thereby assuring the legality of the purchasing process.

The City maintains an open door policy for all potential bidders and encourages the participation of minority and women businesses in the purchasing process.

What is Local Labor Preference Standards?

It is the policy and purpose of the City Council of the City of Muskogee to promote and preserve the economic and social well-being of bona fide residents of the City through the enactment of a local resident employment preference program. This program will ensure the maximization of the employment of local residents of the City in the performance of certain contracts for public construction, as defined herein, by providing bidders with a five percent (5%) differential preference on the cost of goods and services for committing to employ fifty percent (50%) of its workforce on the project from bona fide residents of the City of Muskogee. <To view a copy of Resolution 2392, CLICK HERE>.

What does the City of Muskogee buy?

The City buys a variety of goods, miscellaneous services and construction.

What is the potential in dollars?

The City spends millions of dollars each year for goods, miscellaneous services, and construction.

How does the Purchasing Department operate?

City procurement is prescribed by implementing state laws, local ordinances and administrative policies and procedures, thereby assuring the legality of the purchasing process and City Codes, which require that awards be made on the basis of the lowest and best bid or best value criteria with the City Manager approval. Purchases are made as follows: 

  • $0 to $1,000 discretion of department heads.

  • $1,001 to $24,999 a minimum of three (3) verbal or written quotes shall be obtained from vendors or sufficient justification to warrant a sole source. The department shall make a written evaluation of criteria considered in selection of the vendor for the purchase

  • $25,000 formal bids shall be solicited for purchases exceeding $25,000 and up by written bids after advertisement in the Muskogee Daily Phoenix which is published and available in Muskogee. CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS generally require a minimum of a $50 deposit for plans and specifications, which are available from Purchasing Department, Room 102 City Hall, or from the Architect responsible for the project.
  • To ensure fairness amongst all proposers, a CONE OF SILENCE has been put into effect preventing potential proposers from speaking with members of the City Council, City Staff, and Consultants of the City including appraisers, surveyors, outside legal council or any RFP related Evaluation Committee member. Questions or request for information of clarification must be emailed to Donnie Wimbley at dwimbley@muskogeeonline.org. Responses will be posted to the City's web site at cityofmuskogee.com, City Departments, Purchasing Department, Proposal Downloads.

How does one become a bidder?

By emailing or mailing your business information to the Purchasing Department, PO Box 1927, Muskogee, OK 74402 or purchasing@muskogeeonline.org. <To download Bidder Registration Forms, CLICK HERE>.

What is my obligation once I am on the bidders list?

Bidders must remain active, returning bid requests, notifying the Purchasing Department of an address change, and advising us of any changes in the products offered. Three consecutive failures to return bid requests may result in your removal from the list.

Do I need a City business license?

No. To do business with the City you will need to fill out a W-9 form and have it recorded by the Purchasing Department before the issuance of any purchase order or contract. Please contact Donnie Wimbley, Purchasing Department (918) 684-6210 for complete details. <To download a fillable W-9 Form, CLICK HERE>.

Opportunities for buying surplus property from the City of Muskogee:

The City Purchasing Department has the responsibility of disposing of all surplus personal property, abandoned, stolen and recovered property. These sales are conducted either online or live auctions or by sealed bids.


Occasionally, surplus property is sold by sealed bids. Notice of these sales is mailed to those listed on the appropriate bidders list. 

For Additional information regarding City of Muskogee Procurement, please contact the City Purchasing Director at (918) 684-6212. City of Muskogee Purchasing Manual