Request to Speak at Meeting

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The City of Muskogee encourages the public to attend the Public Works, Finance and City Council Meetings. Participants wishing to speak in either, the Public Works or City Council Meetings, may do so. There are two opportunities for public to speak in each meeting. One may speak to a specific agenda item or make a general comment to the committee. When speaking to a specific agenda item, public comment is limited to 5 minutes per speaker, and when making a general comment, it is limited to 3 minutes per speaker. You may speak to any number of specific agenda items. The speaker must sign up to speak prior to 15 minutes before scheduled meeting time. The City Clerk will be available for sign up in the lobby just outside the Council Chambers on the 3rd floor of City Hall. There is an elevator available for those who could not use the stairs.

You may fill out either form prior to arriving at City Hall by selecting either (or both) form(s) below and print. Forms are also available in the lobby outside the Council Chambers prior to 15 minutes before scheduled meeting time. Either way, registration with the City Clerk MUST take place prior to 15 minutes before scheduled meeting time. Also, please review the City Council/Committee Meeting Rules.

General Comment Sign-In Sheet

Agenda Item Comment Sign-In Sheet