City-Wide Cleanup / Bulk Item Pickup

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  • BroomProgram runs from January thru November
  • Residents are allowed 2 pickup every year
  • There will be no Bulk item pick-ups in the month of December
  • There will be a limit of 30 pick-ups per week
  • All bulky waste must be placed within 10ft of the curb
  • Items picked up will be limited to one dump truck load or 5 cubic yards
  • Bulk items will be picked up according to the residents trash route
  • Assistance is available. Call for eligibility
  • It is preferred that residents call to get on the list, one week prior to the city wide truck being in your area
Annual Seasonal Maintenance:
The Environmental Control Division removes grass and vegetation from curbs and sidewalks in the Central Business District and on major streets. The department also cleans up city lots, ditches, creeks and illegal dumpsites with in the city limits of Muskogee. Weed control is accomplished with the use of chemicals and this is done only in specific areas with weather permitting. 

Limbs and Brush Drop Off Site:
The Environmental Control Division maintains a Limb and Brush Drop-Off site that is located at 40th & Denver. This site is only open on Free Dump Days and after major storm damage. 

Limbs and Brush Removal:
The Environmental Control Division removes and disposes of limbs & brush that are in the street obstructing traffic, obscuring traffic signs or creating sight hazards. After a storm the limbs that have been broken or blown down from trees and are in the street are picked up and disposed of by this division. 

The Environmental Control Division is responsible for the mowing of all Right of Way, Medians, Triangles and City owned lots within the city limits of Muskogee. This service is performed throughout the growing season. 

The City of Muskogee, Environmental Control Department sprays three days a week, Sunday thru Tuesday (weather permitting). They have split the City into three routes in order to spray three times a week. 

Route 1 – 12th St. to Kershaw Dr. Route 2 – 12th St. to E.S. Blvd (including the Meadows and Orchard Park Way) Route 3 – E.S. Blvd to N. 52nd E. 

Altosid briquettes are used in stagnated water or bar ditches with standing water. They only work in water and are good for 30 days. They are safe for humans and pets. They can be put in any water under 1 ft. deep. 

Aqua-Reslin is used to spray from a ULV (Ultra Low Volume) sprayer. This is a ground application that is an aerosol fogger. This is sprayed at ten miles per hour with a swath width of 300 ft. It is sprayed at 4oz. per minute. Five gallons is used daily mixed with water at a 1:6 gallon ratio. 

There are two mosquito seasons:
  1. Starts late April till mid July
  2. Mid September to the end of November